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How to Get the Best Deals When Purchasing Board Games

It’s always nice to be able to add a discount code or a promotional savings coupon to your purchase when you order board games online. While this is sometimes an easy task to accomplish online, there are a number of subtle ways to find even better coupon codes online.

 So the next time that you go online shopping for your favorite classic games, think about these tips listed below. Here are some of the best ways to apply coupon codes and find discounts that you may not have ever known existed.

 1. Leaving Items in Your Shopping Cart

When you have an online account with a board game website where you frequently shop and purchase items, you are probably familiar with the handy “shopping cart” icon somewhere on the page. When you add an item to your cart, it remains in your own private checkout line, waiting for you to administer the final purchase.

 But if you really want to haggle for a lower price, one of the best things you can do is to leave your item in the shopping cart. Retailers will notice that an item has been in your cart for a while, which will tempt them to add a coupon code for you. Keep an eye on your email inbox too, because some stores might send you coupon codes that way.

2. Scan Social Media Accounts

You can find subtle or not-so-subtle discounts on the social media accounts of some game retailers. Places like Toys R' Us and HobbyTown USA have extensive websites for board games as well. There are certain brands that love taking an active role over social media, and they will often post coupon opportunities at random times.

 Keep an eye out for when this happens, because the faster you notice it, the more likely you are to become one of the lucky folk who receives a promotional code. You can simply apply the code to your checkout total when shopping online.

3. Call a Customer Service Hotline

If you are still having trouble figuring out how to find or apply a coupon code on your own, you can rely on the trustworthy customer service hotlines that most retailers have available. Best Buy has great customer service for board game interests. With any luck, you will also be able to chat with a representative online through an instant messenger chat system.

 Customer service representatives can often help apply the discounts for you and be there with you as you navigate through the checkout system. They will make sure that the correct pricing has been applied to your items and that you have received the savings that you earned.

4. Ask for Price-Drop Refunds

Did you buy an item a few days ago, and then later you notice that same item has dropped significantly in price? You might feel like you’ve been jipped out of a lot of money, but you can often contact a store representative and ask for a price-drop refund.

 This refund typically comes in the amount that makes up the price difference between your original price and the new discount. You may receive a discount code to apply as well, or the money will be credited back to your payment source.

 Be Watchful for the Next Coupon Opportunity!

 Remember that the Internet is your greatest resource. You can find discounts on board games by using a search engine, browsing a company’s retail page, scanning through social media, or keeping an eye on email blasts. Plus, it never hurts to contact a representative of the company and speak with someone over the phone about your discount opportunities. By staying vigilant and alert, you can save hundreds of dollars on your online purchases!







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